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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've any questions or need help with something on the store then do take a quick look through some of the common questions asked by customers below. We shall keep adding to this area as time goes on & hopefully we'll build up a nice database of questions & answers that will benefit everyone!



• Who are we?

Ollie's Pet Boutique is a unique & quirky Irish based pet businessis owned & operated daily by Jonathan, Thomas and our two sausage dogs Ollie & Penny. We aren't a big corporation or franchise - just crazy pet owners providing products that we have tried and loved ourselves!

You can read more about us in the 'Our Story' page!

• Where are we based?

We are a 100% Irish business. We're based in Ratoath, Co. Meath, just outside Irelands capital city Dublin. Though we don't have a physical retail store yet - we hope in the future that will change. We are currently operating online & also providing a direct service to our clients of Ollie's Petcare. Let's take a look at us on google maps:

• Why Ollie's Pet Boutique? Who is Ollie?

The name Ollie's Pet Boutique really stems from our primary petcare business name - Ollie's Petcare - so it was a pretty obvious choice for our store name! Though it did vaguely change a few times! The name 'Ollie's Petcare' came from the main reason we started our business - for Ollie - our miniature dachshund - and the cause of all of this!! #Woof!

Read more about Ollie & Penny or sausages here!

• How can I contact you?

The best way to get in touch with us is by email on or by replying to any of our emails. We dont offer phone support but you can get us via any of our social networks too, where we will be happy to answer any question or just be there for a chat about our pets! =)

You can find all our contact details here, including an online contact form.

• Can you tell me where I can get a dachshund puppy?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately we can't advise on buying puppies. Would however hope that you don't buy online and research the breed before taking one home to your family. We can give you loads of advice on the breed if you want to get in touch with us. =)

• Why do some of your links start with the URL is part of our network of websites. We use it as our own inhouse URL shortener. Sometimes links to our products can be very long for customers to remember or for us to add to our social media profiles. So we create a short link with and it redirects to the longer link. In short ( pun intended!) it saves time!

Here's and example of a link: =)


• Do we stock [ insert brand name here ] brand?

We stock many great brands! We hand pick them all! Maybe that should be paw-pick them! (...sorry not funny!) You can quickly see our most popular brands in the main menu under 'Brands'. But for a complete list we have organised all our brands alphabetically on one page for ease of use. You can see every brand that we stock here on the website

• A product i want to purchase is out of stock, will you be getting it back in?

The best way to stay informed on this is to a) sign up for stock alerts on the out of stock product page; b) sign up for our newsletter as we'll announce product arrives there or c) follow us on our social networks and be sure to set up notifications, as we'll annouce new product arrivals there too!

Popular products will generally be restocked quickly, so by requesting a stock alert we'll know which products to restock sooner! So it is important to do that if your want us to keep supplying a particular product.

• How do i sign up for stock alerts?

A stock alert is an email that will be automatically sent to you when an out of stock product comes back in stock. Hence you will only be able to sign up for stock alerts on products that are out of stock.

Out of stock products will have a grey button under the 'add to cart' button with the text 'Get notified when this is back in stock'. When you click this you will get a popup with a form to fill in your details like below. Simple.

• Why can't I leave a product review?

To leave a product review you have to meet a few requirements:

- You have to have purchased the product you want to review
- Y0u need to be a registered customer (guests can't leave reviews)

When you meet the above statements you will be able to leave a review on your purchased product(s). You will also receive an email detailing how to go about this and how to claim your reward Pennies for doing so.


• Do you ship to my country?

We currently ship to Ireland & the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland.

You can find all our shipping. delivery & returns information here!


• Do i need to register?

Registering for an account is free and takes less than 2 minutes! It is not essential to register to purchase from us; but we do recommend it as once you're registered you can checkout in seconds, get order updates, product updates, save products to you 'want list' and save mulitiple addresses!

Also in the the near future we will be introducing a rewards points system which only registered customers will benefit from!

• What do i need to register?

All you need is an active email address to register with. Any popular email service provider is perfect - Gmail from Google, Hotmail or Yahoo - it's your choice!

• I'm in Ireland. Why do i need to enter a postcode?

We ship to a number of different countries - most of which use postcodes. Ireland will also be getting postcodes in the near future - so we decided to include the field for Irish customers now. If you have an Irish address and don't have a postcode yet - just enter '0000' or 'XXXX' to fill the field.

• How long does it take to register?

It takes only a few minutes to register! You need to enter your email, name, phone, & address. Pet details are optional too! Then agree to our terms, fill in a verification code and that's it!

We'll then send an activation link to your email address, go in and activate your account by clicking or copy & pasting this link. Your done. You can now login to your newly created account!

• I am an Ollie's Petcare client, do i need to register?

Actually no you don't need to register. If you are a current client then you will receive you login details directly from Jonathan - no need to bother registering, it will be done for you!

• I haven't received my activation email, what should i do?

After registering and seeing the 'success' screen telling you we've sent you an activation email - it should be in your email account within 5 minutes. If it's not showing up in your inbox, please check your spam & trash folders incase its been put in there by mistake.

If you still can find it and or received it after 24 hours, then please do contact us here with the details and we can check up and activate your account manually if needed.

• I'm having problems logging in?

Once you register on our store you should receive two emails - an activation email, with a link to activate your account; once this is clicked you will receive a second email confirming your account is active. Then you can login and view your account and make purchases via your account.

If you have completed both these steps and still can't login please get in contact us here with your details: account email and the problem you're getting on screen. We can then check up and see what is the problem.

• How/where do i login?

You can login via a link entitled 'Login' which can be found in the header of every page of the website - unless you are already logged in!! =)

Login address:

On the login page you need to fill in your emailed address and passowrd that you registered with. When successfully loggged in you will be redirected to you profile page!

• I've lost/forgotten my password. Can you tell me it?

Unfortunately we can not see your password. Only you has access to your password. You can however reset your password by visiting here: Lost my Password?

Visit the above link, fill in your account email and we'll send you a link to reset your password securely.


• How does your loyalty points 'Pennies' work?

'Pennies', our loyalty points are earned when you purchase certain products on our store. The amount of points earned depends on the product(s) purchased and can vary from 1 point to 100 points or more! Each point is worth 1 cent equivilient euro value. Although it is not exchangeable for cash and id only redeemablé on our online store.

You can find out more about our loyalty points system 'Pennies' here!


• How do i checkout on the store once i decided i want to purchase a product?

When you've decided what you want to purchase and have added them to your shopping cart, you can proceed to checkout by clicking on 'your basket' in the top left corner of your screen. Your basket, or cart will appear in a popup with your cart contents. At the bottom of this popup there is a link 'View Cart & Checkout', click this to proceed to your checkout. Alternatively if you hover over the link 'My Menu' in the header of the website towards the top left there is a link there called 'Shopping Cart' or 'Checkout' both take you to your cart.

Once on your cart page there are 5 quick steps to complete your checkout process - all without leaving the checkout page.

These steps are:

1. Customer Details
2. Delivery Options
3. Payment Methods
4. Review Your Order
5. Order Comments

Once you complete these sections you can then click 'Place Your Order' and wait for your order to complete. If you are a registered customer you can login in step (1) and retrieve your account information. You can also register for an account at this stage too.

If you have any further questions you can contact us here!

• My discount coupon didnt apply to my cart, why?

If you have a coupon code and apply it at checnout and you get the following error 'Ooops! This coupon can't be applied to your cart! See our FAQ or T&C's for more info!', then the code is currently either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit.

Do note that coupons will not be applied to products on discount, offer or specials. If you have any further questions you can contact us here!


• What are your newsletters?

We have one very sporadic newsletter here on Ollie's Pet Boutiuqe. You can sign up for it directly in the footer of all our website pages and receive updates on our new product arrivals, promo codes, upcoming offers and special canine events. You can find our more here!

• Why should i sign up for your newsletters?

First off, why not? If you love dogs and love the brands and products we stock then you should sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming product arrivals, offers, discounts and above all else what our cheeky dachshunds Ollie & Penny are getting up to!

• Why am i receiving your newsletters?

There are two reasons that you could be receiving our newsletters. The first is quite obvious, you may have signed up to them via one of our newsletter registration boxes throughout the site.

The second is if you've registered or placed an order on our site then you will be automatically added to our registered/customer newsletter list too! 

• How do i unsubscribe?

Oh no! Please don't say that! We really don't want to see you go, but if you really must then you can unsubscribe in every newsletter via the unsubscribe link in the footer: 

If you have an account or placed an order on our website then you will be on our registered/customer list too. You will need to contact us directly here to be removed from this list.

If you have any problems unsubcribing please do contact us and we will help you straight away!

• What is

You may have noticed that our newsletters come from a different URL or website occassionally -

This website is part of our network of sites and one that we setup as a central hub for all of our websites newsletters. In short we found it very hard to keep track of all three of our websites with regards to newsletters. So this website is a central hub that all our newsletter originate from.



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