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Welcome to our new store website!

Posted by The OPB Team 11/05/2016 1 Comment(s) News & Latest,



Welcome to the newly updated verison of Ollie's Pet Boutique! We've been working hard on this update behind the scenes for the last  6 months or more, so we are very happy to be able to let you all see it at last - we hope you love the update & all the new features we've added - which will take a bit of getting used to for all of us! Above all else we hope you love the fresh, clean & crisp new design as much as we do!



We've also had an update to our logo!! We've brought the boutique inline with our other sites 'Ollie's Petcare' & 'Ollie & Penny' with this new update. Ollie is still representing the brand, but in his new flat modern design on a cherise pink background which represents a circular dog tag. This is also carried accross to 'Ollie's Petcare' except in a turquoise blue colour. We'll be updating all our social media account with this new logo over the next few days.





Back to the new look store; we've added a few new features:


  • Menu with dropdown
  • Arrivals Page
  • Featured Section
  • New Blog
  • Updated Newsletters
  • Loyalty Rewards - Pennies
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer/Pooch Gallery
  • Sizing Guides
  • Update Customer Dashboard/Account



These are all our newly added or updated features of the new site! We're really happy that we've finally added our loyalty points system - and so is Penny - as it's named after her!! Some features are still a work in progress and we're sure you'll find an odd 'glitch' or 'error' now and again. As much as we tested the site, this teething period is expected. We'd ask if you have the time could you pop us an email with any little issues you find with as much details as possible to what you were doing when you experienced it.



Well that's it for now! We'll leave you to get aquinted with the new website! Do sign up to our newsletters if you haven't previously done so! We'll be sending out a lot of offers and discounts over the next few months!!



Regards & Woofs
The Ollie's Pet Boutique Team




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1 Comment(s)

08/10/2016, 05:50:37 PM

Well - we're live! Hope everyone enjoys! Phew! Still loads of products and brands to add, hoping to get to them over the coming weeks!! - Jon

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