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New Arrivals: Green & Wilds Natural & Healthy Dog Treats!

Posted by Jonathan 20/06/2022 0 Comment(s) Brands,News & Latest,





reen & Wilds are back in stock on Ollie's Pet Boutique!! At last we've managed to to get Green & Wilds tasty dog treats as well as some of their other great products back on the website! It took us a while - lets not mention brexit - but they have arrived! We brought Green & Wilds to Ireland back in 2014 when we launched our boutique and were so happy they are back! Their brand & ethics are great and their products are just natural, healthy and dogs love them!



All their products are sustainably sourced and made with natural ingredients. They produce their Antler Dog Chews from naturally shed free ranging deer. They Provide minerals and are great for cleaning teeth. All their treats are natural healthy alternatives to mass produced products. All their ingredients are 100% natural, no additives at all. Only the best ingredients are used to make some of the best tasting treats available!


We're currently stocking 8 products from Green & Wilds, including:


- Salmon Bakes
- Yakity Yak Chews
- Insect Protein Powder
- Ground Antler Powder
- 'Andy Bag of Anchovies
- Bag of Tiddlers
- Chicken Bakes
- Luv Hearts Treats


Photo: Yakity Yak Chews



You can shop all our Green & Wilds products here on our boutique where you will find everything from tasty fishy treats to chicken & chews - while stocks last!. =)


Regards & Woofs,


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