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Beef Bangers - delicious little beef sausage treats! NEW
Beef Bangers - delicious little beef sausage treats!Beef is a great source of protein for dogs, rich..

Venison Chips - Training treats - 100g NEW
Venison Chips - Training treats - 100gVenison Chips are huge hit with dogs due to their high meat co..

'Once More With Feeling' NEW
100% Cotton. Soft & comfy fit - love heart pattern!Handmade with love in Ireland. New! Featuring..
from €10.95

'Strike-A-Pose' NEW
100% Cotton. Soft & comfy fit - strike-a-pose doggos!Handmade with love in Ireland. New! Featuri..
from €10.95

Every dog has a natural need to chew. This often starts when they are puppies, and progresses to che..
from €3.95

The Info:New interactive toy from ZippyPaws3 Levels of interactive play!Teaches your dog problem sol..

The Info:Cute Monkey design in pink & turquoise colour-way!Made from tough mountain climbing rop..

The Info:Pink colour-way mug with "Donut Disturb" motif!The perfect interactive toy for keeping your..

The Info:Happy Bowl Pizza shaped slow feed bowl!Raised design allows your dog to eat up to 10 times ..

The Info:Happy Bowl Donut shaped slow feed bowl!Raised design allows your dog to eat up to 10 times ..

The quick info:Made with pure Coconut & Olive oils with Green French Clay and added Lemongrass, ..
from €2.95

Licking mat with a bones design made by SodaPup in America for medium/large dogs.Enrichment: Licking..

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Penny with Woof Butter Peanut Butter - Ollie's Pet Boutique  
100% Natural Products

What is better than 100% natural products? Not a lot, which is why we try and stock only the best natural & traceable products which are Irish produced when possible.

The word 'natural' is used quite a bit in todays world to describe products that are deemed 'natural', but may only contain some token ingredients. We however like to find out what excactly goes into the products we stock and to get to know the brands behind their name. So when we say a product is 'natural' we know we can stand over that statement and it's good for you and your pet.

We will list every ingredient in our products so you can be assured you know what exactly is in them and make an informed decision for your pet. All products listed in this tag is truly 'natural'.

Enrichment IDEAs & Tips

Enrichment is a big buzz word these days in dog owner communities - and rightly so, as it really helps to mental & physically stimulate and educate your dog.

In brief canine enrichment is a way of providing our furiends with more choice & activities through mental stimulation & physical exercise. It helps them to build their confidence in the world & themselves and to help cope with overcoming stressful situations by teaching them to be more dog, doing doggie things and learning about what they like & don't like and what to do to get that or avoid it.

Pop by our blog for loads of great posts & ideas to plan your enrichment activities for your pooch. We stock a number of great products to help you with these palns. You can shop all of these which include products from well-known brands such as Kong to some newer ones that we hope your love & will help to enrich your pets world.

  Charlie with K9 Connectables - Ollie's Pet Boutique
Penny with Woof Butter Peanut Butter - Ollie's Pet Boutique  
vegan friendly Products

Withing our 'Vegan Friendly' tag you can find products that we feel are great vegan alternatives to other everyday pet products you may use. These could be alternatives to shampoos, treats or collars that tradtionally might contain animal products.

I think you already know, without us saying that we would not stock any products that are tested on animals; well unless you count Ollie doing our treat testing!

All products in this tag are classed as vegan friendly. Take a look around our selection by clicking the button below. =)




elcome to Ollie's Pet Boutique! We pride ourselves on being an Irish based pet business that believes in being fun, unique & quirky. We work alongside our pet services business, Ollie's Petcare, which provides dog walking, pet sitting & home boarding to Dublin & Meath based pets!


We are really passionate about our dogs and our aim is to provide only the best products and ideas to keep them motivated, entertained and pampered. We research, test (...thats the fun bit!) and stock pet products by well known brands from all around the world but also some 'one off finds' & new brands that are that bit different, unique and more intriguing than what you would find in your everyday high street pet shop. 


We also like to support our local community by stocking some of our great Irish pet businesses - from K9 Connectables to Harry's Dog Bakery and all the pawsome Irish businesses in between, we have a lot to be proud of here in Ireland and we should all support them when we can. =)


All our products are used by our own dogs, three miniature dachshunds, Ollie, Penny & Charlie. These three sausages test and approve all of our products to help ensure guaranteed wags and licks for your furry family members. Only the very best will do for our pets and we really believe in providing the best for yours.


We really love our products and hope you will too.

Meet the team



Meet the people and the pooches that bring you Ollie's Pet Boutique on a daily basis. Ollie & Penny plus Charlie have their own website & line of dapper dog bandanas; pop by to find them testing out our new and exciting products. 



'Customer Services'
'Executive Treat Taster'
'Head Toy Analyst'
'Assistant Toy Analyst'



You can find more about us , why we started our boutique and all about our furry sausage dog gang right here on our story page.

Our Blog

Join us on our blog to read more about the products we stock, offers & discounts, the latest arrivals, plus get helpful advice and read what we get up to with Ollie & Penny on their daily adventures with the doggies from Ollie's Petcare! Visit our blog here or browse our latest articles below.

New: Sniff 'N' Mix - Natural Dog Treats for pawsome doggies!

New: Sniff 'N' Mix - Natural Dog Treats for pawsome doggies!

Jonathan 22/08/2022 0
      W e are very happy to introduce you to our new Sniff 'N' Mix Natural Dog Treat selection!! Not sure what treats you want for your pooch?...
Read More
New Arrivals: Green & Wilds Natural & Healthy Dog Treats!

New Arrivals: Green & Wilds Natural & Healthy Dog Treats!

Jonathan 20/06/2022 0
      G reen & Wilds are back in stock on Ollie's Pet Boutique!! At last we've managed to to get Green & Wilds tasty dog treats as well as som...
Read More
New Arrivals: ZippyPaws, Burrows, ZippyTuff & Happy Bowls!

New Arrivals: ZippyPaws, Burrows, ZippyTuff & Happy Bowls!

Jonathan 16/05/2022 0
      Z ippyPaws products are playful, colourful and full of fun! They produce a range of dog toys & accessories that are unique, modren and m...
Read More
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