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Pennies - Customer Loyalty Reward Points

'Pennies' - Reward Points


Ollie's Pet Boutique 'Pennies' is our customer loyalty reward points program. That was a mouthful. Basically you buy, earn points and use them to save off future purchases!


We wanted to say a big thank you all our loyal customers in the best way could. So after a bit of brainstorming in the office with Ollie & Penny at our sides, our Pennies Loyalty Reward Points was created! Pennies, named after the one and only little Penny, is a points based rewards program that allow us to give back to our loyal customers through discounts on your purchases. Pennies can be earned on product purchases and customer behaviour, as well as in the following ways:





Earn 50 Pennies for becoming a member (New Registrants Only).
Earn Pennies on products you buy. Roughly 2 x Pennies per one Euro spent.
Earn 40 Pennies for every "honest" product review you submit & we use. (Onsite, Social or Google)
Join Ollie & Penny's Paw-Club to earn double pennies!
Sign up for free here!
More ways to earn Pennies will be offered throughout the year on our website & social accounts.
Redeem your Pennies as euro value off the next purchase of your choice.
Accumulate as many Pennies as you want, you decide when you wish to redeem.
Redeem at any time with no expiry dates. They ain't going anywhere!
There is no limit to the number of products or shopping cart value.
You will receive a discount of €1.00 for every 100 Pennies used on future orders.

Our 'Pennies' Loyalty Reward Points are calculated automatically through the website based on rules relating to your purchases & activities. We do reserve the right to adjust the Pennies awarded to a customer at any time. We may need to do this from time to time if the website mis-calculates the Pennies which should have been awarded to a customers purchase.


Ollie's Pet Boutique also reserves the right to cancel Pennies or cancel a redemption should the Pennies have not been awarded correctly. Full terms and conditions relating to our Pennies Loyalty Reward Points can be found here.






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